What is organic cotton?

What is organic cotton?

Making sustainable choices when it comes to clothing is not always simple, especially when you're a busy parent and kids get through clothes so quickly. Looking for clothes which use GOTS certified organic cotton is a good place to start.

Standard cotton is one of the most popular fabrics to make clothes out of but it has a nasty track record when it comes to sustainability. Here I'll share some of the benefits of organic cotton and why it's a good swap to make if you're trying to make your home greener and your shopping habits more eco-friendly.

What is organic cotton?

  • Organic cotton is grown, harvested and processed in a way that is better for people and the planet
  • It is mostly watered by rainwater which preserves local water supplies
  • Farmers use natural farming methods to create healthy soil which helps to combat climate change by storing carbon dioxide
  • Toxic fossil-fuel based pesticides are not allowed which protects local wildlife and people
  • Farmers are paid fairly and can diversify their farms so that they don't rely on big businesses for their income
  • No nasty chemicals are used in the manufacturing process which makes organic cotton gentle on delicate skin

I want to make it easier for you to buy sustainable products for your kids. That's why all KIT Clothing outfits for kids are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton - grown in India and knitted in the UK, just down the road from the factory who make our products.

When you shop with KIT, you're not just supporting my small business, you're supporting the whole community of people involved in my supply chain - from the farmers who grow the cotton, to the machinists in the UK who piece everything together.

Kit our your kids with an organic cotton capsule wardrobe of essential basics from KIT Clothing today.

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